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GoingIndie.com Blog


For the past few years, our consulting business (Bowen Enterprises LLC) has focused on the growing niche of wirehouse advisors considering Going Independent.  Our web site www.GoingIndie.com was launched as a resource to financial advisors considering making the move to independence by providing information, articles and tools.

This blog will focus on the many factors and moving pieces involved in the process of Going Independent and will feature information, insights and ideas from advisors who have made the move and other industry professionals.

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One Response to “GoingIndie.com Blog”

  1. Ed Carpenter says:

    Hi Victoria,
    I have appreciated your pro-active initiatives over the years in getting Reps to go independent. You seem to have fresh approaches and new ideas to attract Reps to become Independent Advisors. Because of your ample contacts by now, please also consider adding some of your methods to help Advisors find fitting, salaried positions. I have been independent for about half of my 20-year career, but now would not be able to be without a structure with company benefits, for several reasons. I’ve been downsized however, 8 times in 9 years, which can also be very frustrating. Yet, ex-CEO’s are out there looking for positions. I believe a large segment of the industry is heading toward salaries with modest bonuses, for the average “Joe Advisor”. Because of your research and recruiting efforts, I believe you would do well in developing this kind of market.
    Thanks, Ed

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