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Find Your Freedom In Independence

Now more than ever, experienced financial advisors are considering independence. 

The independent channel offers experienced advisors numerous benefits, including freedom from quotas, proprietary products and corporate mandates. As an independent advisor, you can define the way you want to manage your business and serve clients, build equity and value in your practice and control your succession plan and legacy. 

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Considering Going Independent?

If you're interested in learning more contact us today!

We offer a confidential, no obligation consultation on the process of going independent and the options and opportunities available.

But despite the many benefits, the independent model may not be right for everyone.


Even when it is, getting an understanding of the different models available and navigating through the affiliation options, platforms and resources can be a daunting process. This process involves numerous factors which are unique to each advisor’s situation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase awareness of the various paths to independence, and to help advisors assess their unique situations, motivations, and goals to make an informed choice about whether independence is right for them. 

Let's talk! 

We understand that some advisors are ready for a transition while others just would like to get a better understanding of their options. We work with advisors at all stages of the process: contact us today for a confidential, no-obligation conversation.

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GoingIndie is powered by Bowen Enterprises, LLC. We help wirehouse/captive advisors navigate the process of going independent, from honest self-assessments to appropriate introductions and ongoing guidance. Free to advisors, our services are grounded in experience, advocacy for independent advisors, and a focus on developing successful, lasting relationships.


For each advisor we work with, we act as a champion, sounding board, connector, and guide to the complex (and often very satisfying) transition journey towards independence.

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