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The Why Behind GoingIndie

"Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better"

Albert Camus.

Our Mission is to increase awareness of the various paths to independence and to help advisors assess their unique situations, motivations and goals to make an informed choice about whether independence is right for them.

We believe that a transition to an independent platform can transform careers and lives. We believe the freedom that comes with independence is a very good thing, and that when advisors have that freedom in their lives and business,  great things can happen – not  only for the advisor and their business, but often for employees, clients, family, the community and ultimately the financial services industry.

We believe that independence may not be for everyone and should not be undertaken without taking an honest approach to the process.  This includes understanding the true motivations for a change, understanding the various factors involved and knowledge of what steps to take to create a viable plan as well as leveraging the appropriate resources.

For over 25 years we have been advocates of the independent space while remaining sensitive to the fact that this can be a life and career changing decision.  During that time the independent landscape has evolved significantly. Today, there is no shortage of great information on making a transition to independence, including research, stats, articles, guides, podcasts, personal stories, etc.

While that information is valuable, it can also be overwhelming, and it’s often not enough to replace experience, thoughtful conversations, or an understanding of the options/opportunities out there.

We believe in the value of an experienced guide to help cut through the noise, and to help you navigate the process. We want to be that guide, helping advisors through our experience, empathetic listening, personal connection, thoughtful conversations, and deep network of resources and strategic partners.

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