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Island by the Water

Going Independent?  Understand Your Business "Profile" First

When you are part of a mid to large business, the structure normally allows you to work at the skills and/or tasks you're good at. After all, you were hired to fulfill a particular role based on your experience and skill set, and as you progressed in the organization, you either got more proficient and/or expanded your abilities, which only added to your success.


But being an independent requires so much more.

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Small Airplane

Prepare for a (Soft) Landing

Thinking about going independent? Joining an established, independent firm is an attractive option because it allows for simpler and easier transition to independence since it requires less of a financial and time commitment. By leveraging the resources of an established firm, you, in essence, can hit the ground running.

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Going Independent: The PROS, CONS and "PRONS"

So, you're considering going independent. And like all intelligent people considering a major move in life, you're weighing the pros and cons. But what about the "prons" – those perceived pros that have hidden cons tucked inside, and, likewise, short-term cons that have pro potential?

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